Report: Men with bogus limo pass breach Oscar security.  
Published 12:20 a.m. PST Monday, March 25, 2002.

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Three men used a bogus limousine pass to breach tight Oscar security
and get right up to the red carpet,
KCBS-TV reported.

The men, who run a Los Angeles area cable-access show, videotaped themselves getting waved through security checkpoints by smiling officers.

KCBS aired some of the footage. The men said they got through three checkpoints with no difficulties.  The men - two photographers identified as Frank Cromer and Scoobie Davis and a limo driver identified as Travis - used a limousine pass they said was made on a copy machine by an obliging limo driver they met at a copy shop.

Officer Don Cox, a police spokesman, said he was aware of the report but the Police Department would have no immediate comment.          (See the "Inside Edition" national report on our little caper)

FRANK CROMER’S VERSION:  When Fake Celebrities Attack!
copyright mmviii Frank Cromer  all rights reserved

Big Brother did not do a good job of protecting the Oscars Sunday night.   Three rogues crashed the party when they rolled through a swarm of LAPD and FBI (with scent hounds!) in their white 1957 stretch Chevy Belair muscle car limousine at about 3:30pm.  They were taping bits for Frank Cromer’s public access TV show “WHAT’S YOUR BEEF?”

After copying a limo pass from another chauffeur (a “Kinko” in the armor),  “Stretch” drove the two-camera crew past three police checkpoints and up to the red carpet.  Playing a fake movie star in a tuxedo, veteran party-crasher Scoobie Davis waved and screamed "I'M OWEN WILSON!" to the celebrity-starved crowd which went wild.

The LAPD told local CBS reporter John Huck that the men would not be questioned because they were “not a security breach”.  (Then why did they have the security checkpoints with hundreds of cops?)

One bomb and the country would have suffered another 9-11 with the deaths of many of much beloved movie stars.   WHERE WAS HOMELAND SECURITY?  Oh yeah, this happened on George Dubya's watch.